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In the summer of 1915, Harrison Metheny arrived in Lee's Summit, MO, a suburb of nearby Kansas City. A recent graduate of Park College and the Finley Engineering School, Harrison was hired as an electrician at the newly constructed Longview Farm.

In the coming years Harrison became active in the Lee's Summit community as a rural mail carrier, builder, theater owner and automobile dealer.

Mose Metheny, Harrison's father, was a performer with the traveling Chautauqua shows of the 1880s. But, more about the musical side in a minute.

Harrison's daughters, Lorene (b. 1917), Mary (b. 1919) and Ethel (b. 1922), and his son David (b. 1928) all graduated from Lee's Summit High School.

And from 1944 until 1988, Dave Metheny worked for and eventually owned another Lee's Summit automobile dealership, Burton Motors.

From 1948 until 1957, Dave lived in this house on Market Street with his wife Lois (b. 1927), and two sons Mike (b. 1949) and Pat (b. 1954)...

...which was next door to his boyhood home, also built by Harrison.

In 1957, as Lee's Summit continued to expand, the Methenys moved to Lakeview Street in the new Bayless Addition, where they remained until 1984.

Following in the family tradition of trumpet players, which included Dave...

...and Lois's father, Delmar Hansen (1896-1977)...

...Mike would become a professional musician in 1971, tour with the U.S. Army Field Band, teach at Boston's Berklee College of Music, and record ten solo albums.

And Pat would make his mark as one of the world's most prominent jazz guitarists winning numerous polls and awards over the span of a celebrated career, including 20 Grammy Awards as of 2013.

Mike and Pat are members of the Lee's Summit High School Music Hall of Fame. And in 1998, Pat was inducted into the Lee's Summit High School Hall of Fame.

They've never forgotten their Lee's Summit roots.

Lee's Summit and the Methenys:

A lasting connection...

...with strong family ties.

In Memoriam:

Mose Metheny
Anna Williams Metheny
(1867-1925, m: 1885)

Harrison Metheny

Anna Meyer Metheny
(1883-1925, m: 1916)

Edna Artz Metheny
(1888-1963, m: 1927)

Gertrude Barber Metheny
(1892-1978, m: 1964)

Lorene Metheny Knight

William R. Knight

Mary Metheny Putman

Russell Putman

Sumner Putman

Ethel Metheny (Meenen) Bricker

Vern Meenen

Delmar Hansen

Vera Pfefferkorn Hansen
(1900-1971, m: 1924)

Marilyn Hansen Berkedal

Robert Berkedal

Lois Hansen Metheny

David H. Metheny
(1928 - 2013)

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